Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just for laughs


Monday, the old dog said that a crumb would do
Then On Tuesday the old dog asked me to make it two
Wednesday, the old dog said he'd prefer to have fish
And not on paper - he'd rather a dish!
On Thursday, the old dog said it was cold out there
So what about letting him sleep on a chair
By Friday the old dog made it perfectly clear
That he was planning to live in HERE
On Saturday night he took half my bed
And woke me up early to get himself fed
Today we'll have chicken because it is Sunday
I wonder what old dog will enjoy eating on Monday

Author Unknown Dog Poem
Public Domain Archives of Dog Poems

Try adding your own lines. For instance:

Within a week, the old dog was sittin' at the table
Eatin' more than he he was able
By next week, he has his eve on television and cable
I think I'm in for trouble.