Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring Break

Have a happy and safe Spring Break.

Spring is a good time to visit the Mercer Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, an oasis of serenity and natural beauty along Cypress Creek. The park contains over 300 acres of East Texas Piney Woods and showcases the area’s largest collection of native and cultivated plants.

The arboretum and botanic gardens are divided by Aldine Westfield Road.

The east side contains the botanic gardens with over 20 acres of   annual and perennial flower beds, endangered species, a lily pond and other water features,  ferns, bamboo, gingers, herbs, tropicals, among others. At the back of the gardens is a walking trail that takes the visitor though the Piney Woods.

The west side of Aldine Westfield features playgrounds and a picnic area. A rustic path meanders past a hickory bog, cypress swamp, maple collection and though ancient woodlands.

Have a great time.

The image is the Primrose Path that greets visitors when they enter the park. Photo by Suzzanne Chapman is used for educational purposes only.