Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good News Academics

Boston Arts Academy

Imagine an urban school where 94% of its students get into college. This happens at the Boston Arts Academy, a school located outside Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. More amazing is that the school never looks at grades or test scores to determine entrance into the school. How can it be?

Listen to Linda Nathan, the school's administrator and author of the book, The Hardest Questions aren't on the Test on the Best of Our Knowledge #1061 and learn a little more.

Lest you think that the school is all about the arts, you'll hear that there are also lessons in humanities, foreign languages, and writing. Creativity is encouraged by a flexible teaching schedule and volunteerism that brings into the schools ideas from the real world. Take care of the teachers and you will take care of the students.

You can follow Linda on her blog. You can also read online a portion of Linda Nathan's book, The Hardest Questions aren't on the Test. A quick reading will demonstrate that asking questions is the best way to finding an answer. That is good news.

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